We have a passion
for our patients that
is unparalelled.

Program Manager, Patient Services

Rick Day and Katie Preston are part of our 300 person team in Patient Services that work to help patients live better lives with their diseases and ensure physicians have all the medical information on our products.

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Ultimate success will
be if we change the
way in which drugs are
developed for Neurology.

VP, Medical Research

As a group, the ultimate success will be if we change the way in which drugs are developed for Neurology.

We are constantly
looking for ways to
drive business, by
leveraging technology.

Chief Information Officer

We try to be on the leading edge, so we can exude innovation in everything we do.

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At Biogen Idec, we can
be creative and feel
free to take risks.

Principal Investigator, Neurobiology

Misha discovered a molecule called LINGO which, when blocked, facilitates the regeneration of nerves. She is developing an anti-LINGO antibody that may revolutionize central nervous system treatment.

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Oceans of Hope


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Official Partner | Biogen Idec

Sobre a Biogen Idec

A Biogen Idec é uma das empresas líderes na área da biotecnologia a nível mundial. A parte da biologia refere-se à vida, à compreensão do funcionamento do corpo humano, à exploração de novas descobertas e informações para melhorar vidas. A parte da tecnologia refere-se à aplicação prática, a fazer com que as coisas funcionem, a desenvolver novos medicamentos para ajudar as pessoas.